Literary Essays:

“It Will Look Like a Sunset” was the essay that inspired my book, and it can be found at Guernica.

“Ritchie County Mall” at Gay (Roxane Gay) Mag

“Every Line is a Scream” at Gay (Roxane Gay) Mag

“What Sustains Me” at The Rumpus

“Spoons” at Gulf Coast

“Mates” at Gulf Coast

“Poppies” at The Rumpus

“I Was Raped / I Was Battered” (co-written with Melissa Ferrone) at Guernica

“It Was Once Like This Before” at The Rupture

“The Sharp Point in the Middle” at PANK

Print Essays:

“The Witching Hour” at Alaska Quarterly Review

“Like Mourners’ Bread” at Slice

“Whirling Disease” at Denver Quarterly

“Indian Creek Solitaire” at The MidAmerican Review

“Mornings, On the Ranch” at The Los Angeles Review

“Demolition” at Flyway: Journal of Writing And Environment

“Runaway” at Reed Magazine

Other Writing & Commentary:

“Some People Flip Real Estate. I Flip Men” at The New York Times Modern Love

“Kelly Sundberg on the Healing Power of Storytelling” at Stylist UK (guest edited by Roxane Gay)

“I Had No Idea My Husband Was Abusing Me” at Good Housekeeping

“The Early Evenings Club” at Psychology Today

“What ‘Due Process’ Means To a Survivor Like Me” at Glamour

“Why Has the Media Mostly Ignored the Intimate Partner Violence Against Lindsay Lohan?” at The Daily Dot

“When You Blame Amber Heard, You Blame Me Too” at Guernica

“This Writer is Sponsored by Herself” at Brevity

“Can Confessional Writing be Literary?” at Brevity

“Simple Strategies for Getting Through the Hellish Landscape and Existential Loneliness of Memoir Writing” at Brevity