Forthcoming on June 5, 2018 from HarperCollins.

Pre-order at Barnes and Noble or Amazon or IndieBound

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I am represented by Joy Tutela at David Black Agency.

I left my ex-husband in 2012 after he was arrested for domestic battery. Over a year later, he was court-ordered to write me a letter of apology. I started this blog as my response. I started this blog as a way of saying, “I went through hell, and all I got was this letter of apology.”

Thank  you to everyone who has followed me on this journey.




4 thoughts on “THE BOOK

  1. drdiane

    Hi Kelly,
    We are fb friends but until today I hadn’t known about your work or your experiences … I too left an abusive marriage and have just finished writing my memoir and about to enter the publishing stage …
    so much of what you write in your blog I can relate to … it took me a long time to get to the point of realizing that I didn’t have to forgive in order to move on … for me accepting what happened and forgiving ae two different thing, my ex took no responsibility, there was no way I could forgive him but I have moved on ….
    I look forward to reading your memoir

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  2. Angeline

    I’m sorry to bother you but I need to understand if I’m alone. I read about how you didn’t like the word your husband called you. When someone gets called something over and over, they think it must be true. But does that mean that they instantly take responsibility for it? I’ve been called evil, sadistic, and worthless so many times, I can’t tell what’s true and what isn’t. But right now I just want to know. If I’m called evil until I believe it, and then I see something like this, and I feel like it’s my fault and I feel ashamed, is that, for lack of a better term, normal? Because I see pain, and I want to cry, but the only thought running through my head, in an endless loop, is “it’s all my fault.”


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